Cake Software Foundation

The Non-Profit Organisation Behind The CakePHP Open Source Project

Our Mission

The Cake Software Foundation is a non-profit corporation based in Nevada, United States. The organization was formed in 2005, to help promote the development of the CakePHP framework, as well as support the project.

The following are the principal objectives of the foundation:

  • Maintain the CakePHP web assets and support channels
  • Facilitate developer communication and coordination
  • Support and manage the global CakePHP developer community
  • Providing infrastructure to aid in the development and distribution
  • Organize and host events for CakePHP around the world
  • Foment press coverage and advertise the features of the framework
  • Assist the commercial development of CakePHP applications

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The Project

CakePHP was first released in 2005, and has since become one of the major PHP development frameworks in use today. As an open source project, the source code is freely available, and development of the framework is open to all who wish to participate. Not only that, but developers from around the world maintain some of the best documentation you can find.

The Organisation

Since it's formation, the Cake Software Foundation has helped build and maintain a vibrant community around the project. It has also dedicated it's efforts to providing the community with professional training, as well as official certification for the framework. Additionally, every year the organisation hosts CakeFest, the annual CakePHP conference.

The People

Although the organisation is at the forefront, it's the people behind the scenes who make it all happen. CakePHP wouldn't be where it is today without the tireless dedication of the core team on the project, all of those who have contributed over the past 10 years, and everyone who has kindly donated to the foundation.

The Community

Like every open source project, CakePHP would not benefit from the support it enjoys without the amazing community backing it. All around the world, developers join the community and offer help and support to others, through platforms such as StackOverflow, or the #cakephp IRC channel on Freenode. A full list of support and social channels can be found at the community center.

Donate Now

CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster and require less code.


CakePHP Certification

Official CakePHP certification provides developers the opportunity to become masters of the framework.


CakePHP Training

Online CakePHP training sessions allow developers to quickly become familiar with the framework.


CakeFest Conference

The annual CakePHP conference provides the ultimate community experience, with live workshops and amazing talks.